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Watch Live: 68th Indian Republic Day Celebrations on 26 January 2017

Watch the 68th Indian Republic Day Celebrations on 26 January 2017 live now. Share & let your friends also watch this live now. Read More »

Funny banned condom commercial in India

Funny banned condom commercial in India, though we may wonder what is wrong with the commercial. Must watch.. Worth watching. Like & share if you like it. Read More »

OUKITEL K4000 Drill test, Tough Screen, Safe Battery, Powerful Performance!

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oukitel carried out a drill test on it’s K4000 model. It took almost 1 minute & 19 seconds to drill the screen. The 6000Mah battery which has a backup of up to 10 days could withstand the heat created while drilling. The test shows the outstanding build quality of the Oukitel K4000. Read More »

Pooja Mishra real action in Karol Bagh,Delhi

Pooja Mishra’s actions caught on camera in Karol Bagh, Delhi. We can hear a beautiful swear song. She had the quarrel with two others, both started abusing each other. Read More »

Teacher strips naked to teach about the human body

Amsterdam: A teacher from Netherlands stripped her clothes to teach students about the human body. This was interesting and a new unforgettable experience for the students. Read More »

India’s Daughter full documentary by BBC India

 Watch the India’s Daughter full documentary by BBC India. This documentary is about the gang-rape and murder of a young girl in a moving bus in Delhi, India. British filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s India’s Daughter was due to be shown in many countries to mark International Women’s Day on Sunday.  This video has been posted on YouTube & later was removed on the court’s ... Read More »

New Star Sports ad for India versus UAE match. Wait & see who gets the ‘Mauka’ this time?

Watch the new ad for India versus UAE match. Wait & see who gets the ‘Mauka’ this time? Click here for ICC World Cup 2015 Match fixture, live stream & tickets online.   Read More »

A poor & hungry kid was taken inside McDonald’s for the first time. His reaction will touch your heart.

A hungry 5 year old selling pen was standing outside McDonald’s window. Actor Varun Pruthi took him inside for the first time. The reaction of the child will touch your heart. He explains why he sells pens for his living. As Per NGOs there are estimated over 60 million child laborers in India. Before you judge him for child labor while ... Read More »

IPhone 6 dropped from space, lands in perfectly working condition.

Worried about dropping your iPhone? Shouldn’t be worried anymore. The smartphone was placed in a case from Urban Armor Gear and dropped from an altitude of 100,000 feet above ground. The phone was sent to the space with the help of a balloon and flight ring along with a backup phone with GPS and active tracking. Two GoPro cameras and ... Read More »

Awesome “Log Kya Kahenge” Rap dedicated to all youngsters who didn’t want to be engineers or doctors.

Most of us have been through this at many times in our life. The blackmailing to do Science after 10th & then the pressure to take up engineering or Medicine. These are the only career option set by some Indian parents. Even they are not aware of what they are up to. Some years later down the line, you realize ... Read More »

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