Awesome “Log Kya Kahenge” Rap dedicated to all youngsters who didn’t want to be engineers or doctors.


Most of us have been through this at many times in our life. The blackmailing to do Science after 10th & then the pressure to take up engineering or Medicine. These are the only career option set by some Indian parents. Even they are not aware of what they are up to.

Some years later down the line, you realize this wasn’t the option for you. You end up nowhere in life & decide to start your own startup. But the thought of log kya kahenge haunts you day in and day out. Story of your life, right?
In this hilarious video, Anu Aunty gives you some piece of her mind and tells you why you are a loser if you aren’t an engineer or a doctor.

P.S. : Don’t take Anu Aunty too seriously. She is a BA in Fine Arts from Aunty Police Bula Legi College.


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