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Bangalore Horrified in grips of terror. Blast in church street. 1killed 2 injured.

A low intensity bomb blast occurred Church street in Bangalore around 8.30 pm today. The incident took place in front of Hotel Coconut Grove at Church Street, one of the crowded areas near to Commercial Street, M. G. Road and Brigade road. One woman was killed. Two men are critically injured and rushed to the Mallya Hospital. Police personnel and ... Read More »

AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 Missing, 162 on board, likely to be on the seabed

AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 carrying 162 people on board was reported missing at 7:25AM local time on Sunday. The flight had lost its contact with the Indonesian air traffic control. The flight was bound to Singapore from Surabaya in Indonesia. The pilot requested the communication center to deviate from the proposed flight route due to bad weather. Sources cite that the entire ... Read More »

Gujarat Police comes up with Harley Davidson… Hope it will be implemented in all states.

Gujarat Police comes up with Harley Davidson… Hope it will be implemented in all states!!! The fleet of HD motorcycles will be used to patrol the city. Read More »

Seem to be a normal hand, right? But see the magic when he shakes it. Amazing technology..

Have you ever wondered, if you could watch movies, text, chat or phone on your skin. Here is a wearable concept circet bracelet, which could end the smartphone era. An array of eight sensors can help you to manipulate the screen.   Read More »

15 MILLION dollars were dropped on a highway in Hongkong

Watch what happened when 15 MILLION dollars were dropped on a highway in Hongkong..   Read More »

Wife agreed to sign divorce papers on a condition. The later part is truly heart touching.

Have you ever thought about the importance of loving & living together. It’s important to think as many times as possible before taking a big decision in life. This video will truly explain it & the value of relationships. Please share & pass on the message to all you love & care about. Read More »

What happens when a girl wants to pee in public. A sad reality.

Watch what happens when a girl wants to pee in public.. With no public toilets, what happens…. Indian government should take the initiative to clean India & provide the citizens with the basic necessity. Watch, like & Share the video… Read More »

Ever wondered how the blind see with sound..

Ever wondered how the blind see with sound, how they recognize things around them. This video will explain how they use their tongue clicks as flash sonar. Daniel Kish is blind and has mastered the art of flash sonars. Read More »

How AIDS Patients Are Treated..

Watch the video to seee how AIDS patient are treated & the way society looks upon. Read More »

Causes of depression

We have experienced it at one time, but what causes this dreaded phenomenon? In his latest sortie into the mires of a medical mystery, our portal’s Dr Salzie unfurls a string of causative factors linked to that all pervading monster de la mind. 1. Summer weather This one is obvious. The sudden onslaught of summer weather inducing a rapid in ... Read More »

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